Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Domino Island - Paperback Confirmed!

Domino Island has been such a hit with fans new and old that in May 2020 it is due to be published in paperback format.

The paperback follow-on is something you can never take for granted in the cut and thrust of the publishing world. There are a lot of authors vying for the same space on bookstore shelves and it’s getting crowded. But the artwork is in and matches the other 16-novels perfectly. Take a look. Retailers are already listing it for pre-order.

A big thank you to readers new and old who have picked-up the baton and spread the word! Let’s bring more fans onboard.

At this point we need to thank a tireless TeamDB:

David Brawn, the Estates Manager at Harper Collins, Michael Davies, the writer who polished the manuscript for publication and of course Philip Eastwood without whom the story may never have come to light.