Tuesday, 5 May 2020

May Update

First things first. I hope all our visitors, fans and readers are keeping themselves safe and healthy, self-isolating and only going out when necessary. These are unsettling times and we all need to stick together, despite lockdown, to get through this. The paperback edition of Domino Island is still on target to be released on the 28th May 2020. My guess is the reason it hasn’t been delayed is that it is all the holiday and travel guides due to be released for the new season that are being held back. The hardback edition continues to be sold at a terrific price on Amazon UK. Logically this may change when the paperback is released. Remember you can buy ebooks and audiobooks too if you don’t want to add to our Posties burden as they keep delivering throughout the pandemic. 

Domino Island – Hardback  available now. 
Domino Island – Paperback, due 25th May 2020. 
Domino Island – Kindle available now. 

 Enjoy your enforced free-time by reading a good book. They have the power to transport us away from worry and beyond geographical boundaries. Now is perhaps the time to dive into that pile of “books to be read”, sitting on the shelf, staring back at you accusingly! 

With best wishes to all. Take care.