Friday, 20 May 2022

May Madness (2022)

We are hoping to get the Podcasts back on iTunes with Apple, but as they haven't given us any clue as to why they were removed, this may be tricky. We will keep the reader updated.

The web-site itself may move again, back to WordPress. There were cookie problems with the original over there, constantly asking the visitor to accept them on every page and every visit, to the extent that it became very off-putting.

By moving the whole site away from WordPress and onto Blogger for a while it is hoped that a "reset" will take place once the site is restored, and service will be back to normal.

The official web-address has been constant throughout and should still be shown as "secure" with a padlock symbol. (Another pesky problem we've been plagued with of late!)

After running the site for 25-years these are relatively new problems which haven't been an issue before.

Please forgive the upheaval!

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Apple has Removed the Podcast

Sadly, Apple has removed the Desmond Bagley Podcast from iTunes. They haven't offered an explanation, nor did they give any warning that this might happen. I can only apologise to subscribers, as I doubt very much Apple have.

The Podcast *is* still available from the individual links on this web-site in the above menu.

We'll switch to distributing through Google Podcasts once things have been set-up.